Funktions 0.2.5

Funktions is a set of functions that I found useful in several of my projects. Feel free to fork and add yours ;)


Pick up the source or install it with Composer :

composer require pyrsmk/funktions

Available functions by bundle


  • array_merge_recursive_unique($array1,$array2,...) : works like array_merge_recursive() PHP function but does not append values of the same key into an array, it instead overwrites the value as expected


  • rgb2hsl($r,$g,$b)
  • hsl2rgb($h,$s,$l)
  • rgb2hsv($r,$g,$b)
  • hsv2rgb($h,$s,$v)
  • rgb2html($r,$g,$b)
  • html2rgb($html)


  • debug($variable) : prints formatted informations about a variable
  • getimagesizefast($path) : get fast the local/remote image size
  • human_filesize($path) : get the human-readable size of a file
  • human_fileperms($path) : get human-readable file permissions (like drwxr-xr-x)
  • lessdir($path) : scan a directory without returning dot directories (the well-known . and ..)
  • mimetype($path) : get the mime type of a local or remote file
  • rrmdir(path) : remove a directory recursively


Funktions is released under the MIT license.