RIP 0.4.0

RIP (REST in peace) is a tool for sending synchroneous REST requests by generating a hidden FORM on-the-fly. It's really useful when developing with frameworks like Slim or Lumy without using synchroneous ajax requests : it just send data like a normal FORM would do.


You can pick the minified library or install it with :

npm install pyrsmk-rip
bower install rip


RIP handles basic POST, PUT and DELETE requests, but can manage other manual request types.

// API
RIP.POST(<url>, [data]);
RIP.PUT(<url>, [data]);
RIP.DELETE(<url>, [data]);<type>, <url>, [data]);

// Simple example

// Data example
RIP.PUT('/newclient', {
    firstname   : 'Foo',
    lastname    : 'Bar',
    age         : 27,
    children    : [

// Map example'REQUEST_TYPE', '/someurl', {
    foo: 'bar'

If you pass a boolean value into the data parameter, the value will be considered as a checkbox and will return on or `` to your remote script.

Please note that requests are using _METHOD POST data attribute, as used in Slim and Lumy. But if you need to change the name of this attribute to __REQUEST__ (per example), you can do this:



Published under the MIT license.